Business Process Outsourcing

We help businesses succeed by complimenting their strengths.


When businesses need to find resources to complement their core strengths, hiring a business process outsourcing company like Unity Communications is an option that many firms choose. We win awards for third-party technology, sales and support, customer service, call center, accounting, and health care initiatives. We pride ourselves in acquisition, retention, and new product strategies that many companies large and small are launching. 



BPO Services 

We provide excellent customer experience while focusing on productivity, data security, and enhancing market penetration to capitalize on revenues.
We help our partners reach their goals with our innovative, long-term solutions.

Back Office Support Teams Finance and Accounting Services E-commerce Support Services

Our expert team of skilled specialists renders effective administrative and back-office services with our in-place processes and tools needed to grow our partners’ business. 

We are a team of skilled accounting specialists that render effective financial and administrative services with our in-place processes and tools needed to grow our partners’ business.

We provide all back-office support services you need for your e-commerce business. We support Amazon, Shopify, and independent sellers globally.


Back Office Support Teams Back Office Support Teams Back Office Support Teams

Our Telecom BPO Services assists and guides clients to provide excellent customer experience while focusing on productivity, data security, and enhancing market penetration to capitalize on revenues.

We offer an end-to-end solution for all your medical billing service’s needs, focused on giving results of the highest caliber and precision. We do insurance verification, medical claims processing, medical accounts receivable data entry, and more.

Our inbound and outbound team of customer service operators and virtual assistants have strong communications and customer care skills guaranteed to provide a superior consumer experience in each and every call.





Unity Communications a leader in Business Process Outsourcing



Why Firms Choose Unity Communications?

With operating costs that are 25% lower than US labor with a much higher rate of detail, adherence, and compliance – Unity Communications allows companies to scale operations faster, with the right level of efficiency, flexibility, quality, and an increasing global presence by giving businesses a competitive edge in the global market. 



Train Personnel & Cutting-Edge Technology

High-Quality Output


Our skilled workforce, extensive industry knowledge, and use of the latest technologies and processes enable the delivery of the required output for your business. We identify and utilize software based on your industry requirements. This ensures that outsourcing to us prevents you from having to invest in technology in-house and allocate the budget in developing new business models and infrastructures. As an AT&T Global network solution provider, outsourcing to us will ensure that quality management standards are being utilized for deliverables. It is across all BPO services we offer – customer service/virtual assistants, Back office teams, E-commerce support services, Technology support teams, Call centers and Helpdesk supports, Healthcare Services, and Finance or Accounting services. We have a reliable Quality Assurance team to confirm all results are of high quality before delivery. We know the value of our customers, and we live for it. In some industries, customer satisfaction involves service rates and levels, first call resolution, and other factors. Whether your clients are B2B or B2C, outsourcing to a BPO company like Unity Communication will enable you to simplify and modernize the customer experience.

Operating Efficiencies

Data Security

Competitive Pricing

Outsourcing to Unity Communications guaranteed that vital works are being performed by well-trained, dedicated, and knowledgeable industry specialists whose goal is to provide precision and speed. Outputs are being delivered on the pre-defined schedule consistently. We understand the importance of data security and how it can drive growth to businesses; therefore, it should be protected like any other resource. We have stringent data security measures in place to make sure all your confidential information is well guarded. An internal contact center’s operating expenses are costly to establish and maintain, but hiring a BPO service provider can reduce workforce, management, and training costs. Save up a substantial amount of money in overhead costs by outsourcing our services.




Outsourcing Case Studies

Explore our collection of valuable business outsourcing knowledge, constructed from Unity Communications’ expertise developed over years working with some of the nation’s best businesses in multiple industries.

Back Office Support Teams Finance and Accounting Services E-commerce Support Services

When the support staff began to become thinly stretched, overtime limits and temp staff weren’t enough. Find out how Unity Communications helped bring Wireless Watchdogs out of the red.

An Amazon e-commerce company needed a scalable solution to help with the demands of a growing business.

Unity Communications helped an E-learning company find a cost-effective way to scale its IT helpdesk operations and streamline its workflows to improve productivity and customer experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is business process outsourcing?

Business process outsourcing or BPO is the most popular type of outsourcing. It is the process of sub-contracting of non-core business functions to a third-party service provider. It deals mainly with repetitive tasks like customer service, technical support, and other administrative tasks. 

What are the common Business Processes that can be outsourced:

  • Accounting services, bookkeeping, and other back-office tasks
  • Sales, appointment setting, lead generation
  • Call center, customer support, virtual assistants
  • Tier 1 technical support and helpdesk support

What are the benefits of outsourcing BPO services?

  • Business process outsourcing is an effective way to control your operational and capital expenses. BPO companies can offer you packages at a lower cost.
  • Provide 24/7, all-year-round customer support to assist your clients.
  • Increase and broaden your customer reach as outsourcing providers have proven sales strategies in closing more deals, sales, and retaining customers.
  • Leverage call center investment in technologies, methodologies, and expert professionals. 
  • Companies can benefit from proven processes developed over the years of experience. 
  • Improve customer experience and drive better relationships with every customer all around the globe. 
  • Brands can leverage best practices and advance technology in the industry to cope with the competition benchmark