The Obstacle

Wireless Watchdogs is an award winning wireless management company that is an industry leader in their field. Their current helpdesk and technical support staff were being stretched thin and were being subjected to high payroll costs for overtime, expense of temporary staff, and lack of qualified applicants to augment their off hours support services. With their explosive growth and referral business growing, the lack of available local labor would slow down their successful sales people in closing deals.


Our call center staff underwent training and within 1 week, we moved many repetitive, easy to train and simple time saving tasks outsourced to an offline team. Once trained, our agents would then teach a small team of 4 to 5 reps the same tasks, but in a process that allows all tasks to be measured by accuracy, time to complete, priority, and other metrics. We would end up creating a KPI metric around these items in order to have the top paid employees on top of complex problem solving tasks while the offline team takes care of the other more routine and easy tasks that build up.


Creating the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) that measures all efficiencies and tasks will allow both the main team and offline team to maximize production in their prospective areas. We would have to initially spend training time for the first group of agents, but after that the original agents would have the ability to grow and expand independently.



In 4 months, we were able to help the Wireless Watchdogs team exceed their SLA, allow their customer facing employees and sales reps to be able to meet their growth targets. The quality of work increased as they spent more time solving complex problems while offloading the administrative and simple tasks to a lower cost offline team that has the ability to run 24/7. The payroll cost was incredible as the need for temporary workers were no longer needed, overtime was avoided, and the lower costs of payroll allows more resources for new acquisition.