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Cloud Phone System Pros and Cons:
A Detailed Review

Author: Marielle Gonzales

A cloud phone system (also known as a cloud PBX, hosted PBX, or hosted phone system) is a VoIP technology designed to allow you to make phone calls over the internet which helps companies reduce upfront investments in telecommunications infrastructure. 

The Best Cloud-Based Business Phone Systems
This Year

Author: Marielle Gonzales

In this article, we have thoroughly reviewed, analyzed, tested, and used the best cloud-based business phone systems available to US companies, the plans and services they offer plus the pros and cons of each system. 


What’s A Cloud-Based System and How Does It Work?

Author: Marielle Gonzales

A cloud-based system, often known as cloud computing, is a broad term for anything that involves the delivery of hosted services via the internet. A cloud can be either private or public. A public cloud sells services to anybody who has access to the internet. 

How Do Hosted VOIP Systems Work? Let’s Find Out

Author: Marielle Gonzales

If you’ve never heard of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), prepare to change your perspective on long-distance phone calls. VoIP is a method of converting your voice into a digital signal, allowing you to make a call from a computer, a VoIP phone, or other data-driven devices. 

Simple Steps To Set Up A Phone System For Your Business

Author: Marielle Gonzales

Setting up a company phone system may at first appear to be quite intimidating. But the process can be relatively straightforward, even though every VoIP provider has its set-up process. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to set up an office VoIP phone.


How Much Does An Office Telephone System Cost In 2021?

Author: Marielle Gonzales

Business phones are significantly more cost-effective than you think. Although the types of phone you use and the functions you need to run your business will ultimately determine your monthly cost, on average a business phone system costs around $15 for a barebone plan, while for enterprise, it will cost around $35 a month.

Best Multi-Line Phone System
For Small Businesses In

Author: Marielle Gonzales

A multi-line phone system is required if your company has a high number of incoming and outgoing calls, or if it is rapidly approaching that level. Choosing the best multi-line phone system for small businesses enhances productivity and efficiency by allowing you to swiftly and conveniently transfer calls and interact internally with workers and externally with customers.

How Do You Set Up A Two-Line Phone System? We Have The Answer!

Author: Marielle Gonzales

A multi-line phone system functions similarly to a conventional one-line phone in that audio data packets are sent to the receiver via telephone lines. When you set up a two-line phone system, the transmission of two, four, or more lines is possible.

This article will assist you in selecting the most appropriate multi-line phone system for your requirements. So, how do you set up a two-line phone system?

19 Best Office Phone Systems (2021 Edition)

Author: Rene Mallari

Office phone systems offer businesses of all sizes a means of handling their incoming and outbound calls. As they essentially manage call volume and routing, these systems are

commonly accessible in VoIP (voice over internet protocol)

and PBX (private branch exchange).


Choosing the right business phone system could make or break your bottom line. It is a major decision that enterprises take that could impact their financial and operational performance.

What is a Multi-line Phone System and Do You Need One?

Author: Marielle Gonzales

Multi-line phone systems vary from conventional phone systems in that they allow many parties to be on the phone at the same time, while standard phones are only intended to transmit audio data between two people at the same time.


Multi-line phones work differently from single-line phones, enabling a maximum of 8 to 10 lines to be used simultaneously with a single phone. Each line will have a phone number that may be answered from anywhere in the office. 

What is a Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) System?

Author: Allie Delos Santos

Have you been wondering how to spend less money hosting your organization’s phone system needs? Have you been thinking about labor expenses for employing people who know how to run and maintain these theoretical phone systems?


Worry not! Hosted PBX services are here to save the day!


But first, let’s talk about hosted PBX definition.

PBX vs VoIP : All You Need To Know

Author: Allie Delos Santos

PBX vs VoIP is the primary consideration for businesses establishing a phone system. The two options each address a unique purpose, making the selection of which will best suit your organization a significant factor to ponder.


This article will give you a complete analysis of PBX phone systems vs. VoIP, such as costs, maintenance, equipment requirements, features, and more.

Is VoIP cheaper than PBX?
Let’s Find Out

Author: Allie Delos Santos

Selecting an office phone system is one of the most important operating decisions a business makes. Despite the plethora of available communication channels, having an excellent office phone system remains imperative. Previously, companies merely chose a traditional landline system since there were no other options. However, the situation has changed.


When creating an office phone infrastructure, the decision is usually encapsulated as PBX vs VoIP cost. Which is cheaper, and which is better for your business?

Business VoIP: How They Work & Who Needs One?

Author: Marielle Gonzales

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)  technology first became commercially available in the 1990s.  Since that time it has advanced considerably, in both ability and popularity.


In the beginning, consumers complained that the sound quality on VoIP was inferior to that of a landline; such problems are no longer a source of worry.


VoIP is now the basis of most modern corporate phone systems and is the favored telephony option for many diverse sectors. 

How Does a Small Office System Work?

Author: Rene Mallari

It is often quite challenging to set up your phone infrastructure, especially when you’re not familiar with the different types of business phone systems available on the market. 


To better grasp how phone systems work, always keep in mind that the various kinds, features, and sizes of these systems share common traits, which is essential in choosing the best phone setup for your office.


Read on to find out more about these systems.

How Do Enterprises Use VOIP? Pros and Cons Explained!

Author: Marielle Gonzales

Enterprise VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has evolved into something more than a trend or a new technology. It is becoming more popular throughout the globe as companies realize the benefits of using it instead of traditional phone lines.


However, as is the case with any new technology, VoIP has some disadvantages. As a small company owner contemplating the implementation of VoIP in your organization, you must have a thorough grasp of both sides of the equation.


How Do Multi-Line Business Phones Work? An In-Depth Guide

Author: Marielle Gonzales

Multi-line business phone systems are among the greatest workplace tools available since they allow you to handle multiple calls concurrently. With these types of phones, employees can now manage calls more effectively and efficiently.


In addition, multi-line business phone systems are cheap. Each model of the phone unit performs the same tasks and works on the same principles. Purchase the best multi-line business phone system for your business and see how much more efficient and communicative your employees can become.

What’s a VOIP Number, How It Works, and Who Needs To Get One?

Author: Marielle Gonzales

Although you might be familiar with the term “VoIP,” perhaps you are not fully aware of the technology’s full potential. These four letters stand for a technology that has had a profound impact on the way businesses and consumers communicate over the telephone.


This article describes what a VoIP number is, how it works, the advantages it provides, and how it differs from other kinds of phone numbers.

12 AWESOME Examples of VOIP In 2021

Author: Marielle Gonzales

High-quality, dependable voice and message communication channels are provided by many small business phone services, allowing them to enhance the entire customer experience while simultaneously assisting team members.


VoIP is available in several configurations. Do you spend most of your time at home, at your workplace, or on the go? If you are a business owner, what is the size of your organization?  What elements of phone service do you consider to be the most important? 

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