Web Design Call Outsourcing

Case Study


A web design company in Utah struggled with finding qualified opportunities to populate their sales funnel. With the staff stretched to their max, they did not have the capacity to succeed with business development. The company approached Unity Communications to clear up bandwidth and generate leads for their sales staff.



After setting up lead generation funnels for the web design company, our team was able to compile a report indicating the URLs and IP addresses of all companies that visited their website and clicked on links therein.

The team then leveraged this report to find key decision makers in the pool of prospects referencing previous site visitors. The prospects were contacted through omni channel (voice, text, email) communication and persuaded to schedule sales demos and call appointments, leading to a multi-million dollar pipeline generated within 6 months.


Sales representatives for the web design company were delivered a number of qualified leads which led to a significant increase in sales, easily beating their quotas for the 2017 year.

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