Develop a Customer Acquisition Strategy: 8 Methods That Work

September 24, 2018

19 Sep 2018

The pressure for an entrepreneur’s first startup venture can be tough to handle. Customer acquisition costs are overwhelming for those without a large marketing budget. That doesn’t mean that your success is tied to a dollar figure.

With the right customer acquisition strategy, market capture can grow exponentially. Remember, the people have the power; customers can drive even the most obscure companies to the top. It all starts with smart business management.

How you allocate your resources can greatly improve your acquisition strategy. Here are nine proven ways to increase your customer base.

1. Local Telemarketing
Local marketing is very important for small businesses to get a leg up on the bigger competition out there. With help from a dedicated call center, you can service areas locally to generate interest in your brand. Yes, we know that traditional forms of telemarketing aren’t well-received these days.

The difference-maker here is advertising local brands without pitching anything. You simply present the local community with a survey format or educational prompt. This may be combined with a free coupon or chance to try a new product.

Local telemarketing is effective at building familiarity without having to pour money into expensive ground campaigns and traditional advertising. Just make sure you have a call center that can handle customer inquiries while you run these adds. You shouldn’t be taking all these calls personally if you don’t have to.

2. Customer Research
You will also want a call center to be able to gather valuable customer data. Customer behavior and even demographics can shift without you noticing it. If you want to maximize your customer acquisition strategy, you need to invest in polling and survey teams.

For example, knowing which platforms your customers prefer the most allows you to improve targetted ads. Pin-pointing customer demographic data is key to capturing where your target customers are in the world.

Don’t discount traditional phone-banking and surveying. This can easily be done with call center services that provide live, human customer support. Getting as much feedback as you can from your target customers is valuable for small businesses.

3. Business Partnerships
Fielding potential business deals and finding partners can be difficult for a small business. Your customer acquisition strategy needs to include a project management team to grow your business. This is one of the most valuable investments you can outsource.

For example, you could be missing a huge chunk of business due to lack of access to influencers or marketers on social media. Instagram alone has 800 million monthly and 500m daily active users. That’s such an astronomical number of people trafficking in one place, you need to have a line cast somewhere.

An experienced telemarketing company can find you those partners and deals that present you brand new opportunities for sales.

4. Outsourced Costs
Marketing budgets don’t need to be what holds you back from reaching sales goals. Outsourcing your sales and marketing teams allows for more flexibility. Just having these tasks handed off to a dedicated call center reduces the pressure and liability off your shoulders.

Outsourcing all the data entry and order submissions can increase your capacity to grow your business.

5. Giveaways, Specials, Events
You don’t have to wait for the holidays to come around to make your business feel special. Host some special days out of the month for product trials or raffle entries for store-wide giveaways. These are simple, yet effective, ways to draw customers into your store and provide a reputation that supersedes any traditional store advertising.

The best way to guarantee everything is done transparently, fairly, and smoothly is with a solid customer support line. People are going to be blowing up your business line, so not having an outsourced call center may mean chaos. Don’t give people the impression that you’re not a business that is built to scale.

6. Coordinated Sales Teams
Communication is important and having a unified message will improve your success. By outsourcing your sales to a telemarketing service, you can expand the number of sales opportunities. They can reach out and find opportunities in and out of your current customer base.

Imagine having your own personal army of sales associates, going out there and capturing those new customers or those on the fence. Your marketing strategy needs a strong complimentary sales team to close those deals.

7. Customer Support
Customer support is not something you can afford to slack on. If new customers’ concerns are met with long waiting times, unprofessionalism, or impersonal treatment, that can be bad news. Negative word-of-mouth advertising travels much faster than positive.

You need to have a professional call center service set up as early into your business startup as possible. Retention should not only be considered when business starts to get away from you. This is the glue that holds your brand together.

As your traffic starts to increase, bringing in more sales, you’ll naturally have more questions, issues, and feedback to take down. Most customer’s second point of contact with a company is with a call center.

8. Experienced Leadership
Call centers are the driving forces of every successful SMEs, entrepreneurs, and organizations these days. You cannot dive into a sea of competitors without an experienced team of sales leaders.

Telemarketing, business management, retention, and budget professionals are all necessary building blocks of success. You can’t do it all alone, and why would you when there are plenty of call center services out there?

Refining Your Customer Acquisition Strategy
As you can see, a multi-faceted approach is important for reaching the widest audience. Every good customer acquisition strategy starts with a plan. No amount of money can buy loyalty, trust, and an energized customer base without a clear vision of what that looks like.

If you’re struggling with getting your marketing strategy off the ground, contact us today. We have the experience and the tools needed to tap into your business’ full potential. We know the importance of the human element in customer acquisition.

Professional call center reps, marketing experts, and sales leaders are waiting for your service. Let us connect you with your target audience like never before.