Call Center Augmentation: What It Is, and Why You Need It

October 30, 2018

What if your call center could benefit from a new kind of "reality" check?

Every call center manager dreams of one thing: improved efficiency. And it turns out that the real secret to better efficiency is call center augmentation.

However, many people don't know what this augmentation is or how it can help them out. Keep reading to discover these secrets for yourself!

What Is Call Center Augmentation?

"Call center augmentation" actually refers to "augmented reality." Understanding how this technology works is important to understanding how it will transform this space.

Many people are familiar with the idea of "virtual reality." With virtual reality, you put on a special headset and are transported to an entirely different world.

With augmented reality, devices ranging from special glasses to your smartphone enhance the real world. An example is looking at something through your smartphone and receiving additional information about what you're looking at.

This technology has been used by many companies to create interactive games for consumers. However, the tech is very useful for customer service, especially in a call center environment.

Here are just a few of the ways augmented reality can help your call center.

Improved Accessibility

Customers often really hate the idea of a call center. Why is that?

They hate the idea of waiting for half an hour and navigating a complex phone tree. And when they do get someone on the line, that person may or may not fully understand the problem.

With call center augmentation, customers can more efficiently navigate your different phone trees and get connected. And your representatives can handle calls quickly and more efficiently, meaning fewer customers having to wait on hold.

Ultimately, your customers get the best of both worlds: a reduced waiting time coupled with improved customer service.

Better Training Procedures

Every good manager knows that their business is only as good as their employees. And their employees are only as good as their training.

Traditionally, even the best trainers have been very limited in what they can teach to new hires. When you're limited to speech and text as your only training tools, you're simply left hoping they will learn the rest through experience.

With call center augmentation, you can give your employee training an overhaul. Just think: new hires can get information about everything in the office with nothing more than a glance.

Furthermore, AR can help connect trainees and experienced employees with their first calls. More than ever before, you can make sure new hires are ready before letting them handle calls on their own.

Less Confusion, More Compassion

Ask any given consumer, and most of them have had bad centers calling a business. But have you ever wondered why that is?

There are two important factors at work: confusion and compassion. And phone-based customer service often has problems with this.

First, there is confusion. It's often difficult for a CSR to understand what a customer's specific issue is, especially if the customer has trouble explaining the issue.

Furthermore, it's trouble for customers and CSRs to have compassion for one another. After all, each one is just a disembodied voice to another.

With call center augmentation, both customer and CSR can see one another. This instantly establishes compassion (because there is a face with the voice) and helps with understanding due to visual communication.

Remote Work Friendly

Depending on your business, "call center" may be something of a misnomer. This is because more and more employees are now working remotely.

Remote work is beneficial because it offers flexibility to employees while allowing employers to hire the very best. However, it can sometimes be difficult for management or a central office to easily coordinate different remote workers.

With call center augmentation, it's easy to facilitate communications and training with remote workers. And with an AR network, they can even coordinate with fellow employees--all without leaving the house!

Scripts and Checklists

Some call centers employ things like scripts and checklist for their workers. This helps to ensure all their calls have a more uniform experience.

However, scripts and checklists can sometimes be confusing for your CSRs. They must balance looking between their phone, their computer, and any printouts provided by management.

With call center augmentation, they can have a more integrated experience. Any computer information is in front of them as well as any scripts and checklist.

And by better focusing CSR attention, you can better focus the customer experience.

Show, Don't Tell, the Customer

Many call centers are also sales centers. This means your workers must effortlessly transition between solving consumer problems and facilitating consumer sales.

This can be difficult because the customer may not understand what a product can do for them. On a pretty literal level, they don't see what the big deal is about what you're selling.

With call center augmentation, a CSR can show the customer pretty much anything. This ranges from three-dimensional images about the product to images and videos of the product being used.

Just think about how many sales are driven by customers carefully examining imagery through vendors like Amazon. With AR, you can take this visualization to the next level.

Gamify the Space

In the last decade, one workplace phenomenon has been growing in prominence. And that phenomenon is "gamification."

The idea is that by making the workplace more like a game, you can encourage healthy competition and promote fun. Like video game players going for the high score, your employees will be self-motivated to succeed.

With AR, gamification is easier than ever. Employees can look at one another and see how many "points" the other has. Or with a glance, they can view the "leaderboard" and see how well they're doing!

The Bottom Line

Now you know what call center augmentation is and how it can help your business. But do you know who can help make it happen?

Here at Unity Communications, we are the foremost authority on communication innovations. To see how we can transform your call center, contact us today!